Charles Clement


WHAT WE DO: We enable “change driven” professionals to achieve their coaching skills & credentials by providing internationally accredited life, business, executive and workplace coaching courses.


WHO I WORK WITH: I partner with change agents including:




WHY IT WORKS: When you partner with Noble Manhattan Coaching Americas you get the most efficient, effective and affordable coach training courses that professionals are looking for right now.


WHAT MAKES Noble Manhattan Coaching DIFFERENT: The courses are a robust mix of distance learning, personal mentors, and intensive residential/classroom sessions. The courses are structured by budget, course length and accreditation objectives. One size does not fit all!


WHAT OTHERS SAY: “They are like a family. And a family cares about its members. This is what I felt during my training with Noble Manhattan. I was given the support in all the ways I needed. The courses they offer always have a human face. It’s not just knowledge and skills and a diploma. It is a home for development and beautiful relationships” -Iulia Sorescu, 2017 Graduate


I have never before seen a large room of people as if charged with electricity. It was one of the most impressive, encouraging and motivating talks I have ever had the pleasure of hearing, and I have heard from many of the best.Charles Boote, Former MD of Armitage Shanks


HOW IT WORKS: Prospective students contact us directly to understand the options: Practitioner Coach Certificate, Practitioner Coach Diploma, Executive Corporate Coach Diploma, or Workplace Coaching Certificate.


We build the right course right budget and timeline to meet the student’s coaching goals and aspirations.


READY TO TALK? Reach out to me directly here on LinkedIn, email, Visit us at or ☎️ call direct at 804-241-4194.