Coach Radio International is pleased to introduce you to our podcasting guru – Ruby McGuire. Ruby has created three levels of podcasting trainings to help you create your perfect show!

Bronze Package

  • Why you need podcasting for your business
  • What equipment you need to get started
  • Practical steps to getting started on recording
    • (the audios from CRI would be really great here as they are fun, engaging and informative, as they include the physical environment, position of mic etc.)
  • Creating compelling content and titles people want to listen to
  • Do’s and don’ts of podcasting

Silver Package

  • The techie things you need to know
    • hosting accounts
    • adding intros and outros to your podcast – what to say
    • sourcing music
    • creating a cover image
    • what keywords to use
    • how to record and edit
    • show notes
    • setting up an RSS feed so that people get your show updates …
  • Different types of podcasts, things to consider for each (more on content)
    • lectures
    • seminars
    • guest interviews
    • group discussions
    • coaching
    • bite sized information
  • Hints, tips, sample scripts on intro/outro for guests, etc.
  • How to invite guests and get them to spread the word too

Gold Package

  • Getting clear on who your podcasts are for (probably touch on this in silver too) as it’s so important (so being clear on niche and ideal client)
  • How to market – blogging, guest posts, social media, newsletters, etc. (big module!)
  • Adding your podcast to your website using website plugins