Coach Radio International are looking for two types of people to work with us – Business Development Managers (BDMs) and Country Managers.

As a BDM, your duties and responsibilities will involve creating and maintaining lists of suitable contacts, getting in touch with these contacts (via email, Skype, phone, etc.), talking to them about becoming a CRI presenter, and appointing them using your own affiliate link. You will receive 20% of all sales/registrations generated.

Country Managers will be required to do the above, but to also recruit and manage a team of BDMs to work under you. You will receive 30% of your own sales generated, along with a 10% override on all of your appointed BDMs revenue. We will only be appointing one country manager per country/region.

The video below will tell you more about becoming a Country Manager.

For more information, please watch the short, 4 minute videoand then fill out the below form and someone will be in touch!

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