We are delighted to announce the launch of Coach Radio International, the Voice of Coaching and the very first global Coaching Radio Station. We are going live on air very shortly. Our vision for Coach Radio International came about from this question;

“How can we connect all the great Coaches in the world with the increasing number of people today who are looking for the best Coaches who specialise in their niche?”

The Answer is Coach Radio International

Coach Radio International is the very first worldwide Internet radio station station designed for listeners around the globe to get 24 hour inspiration, stimulation and information as well as entertainment, from all their favourite Coach Radio International presenters.

Coaching is now one of world’s fastest growing professions, and there are now over 30,000 coaches operating worldwide. Coach Radio International is the brand new Internet and Digital platform to meet the growing interest and demand for all things coaching.

So what is Coach Radio International?

The appeal and audience of Coach Radio International will be broad, to include all Personal Development subjects, we won’t limit the shows and Presenters to just Coaching, but will include all Personal Development subjects, from Life Coaching to Business Coaching to Mind Body and Spirit, to Trainers and Therapists and NLP Practitioners and many more, see the list on our website. The focus will always be on Coaching and all things Personal Development.

A New Way for Coaches to reach a wider audience

As you would expect, we have a long list of great Presenters including well known names lined up for you, and there is already a great demand from Coaches wanting to host their own one hour radio shows. Presenters will be able to quickly reach their ideal listeners internationally, and will be able to market and develop their radio profile as the leading specialist Coach, Practitioner or Therapist in their chosen niche.

Coach Radio International will be broadcast 24 hours a day across all international time zones. All shows will remain on the Coach Radio International station for 30 days, so any listener can tune in and listen to a previous show they’ve missed. Shows will also be available for listeners to download as podcasts.

Take a quick tour of the site to see what we have lined up for you when we go live … register your email address and we’ll notify you when we go live!

Coach Radio International the Voice of Coaching