Holistic Wholeness focusing on purpose

With Barbara J. Cormack and Dawn Campbell

As we enter the festive season it’s a good time to reflect on work/life balance, so it’s a good the time to ask yourself ‘in what way did I achieve my sense of purpose’? Other useful questions include: Where has the year gone? What has been achieved? Who needs my gratitude, love, forgiveness or compassion? Which of my goals are being carried forward to the New Year? And when I am I going to over-come the self-sabotaging obstacles to name but a few thought provoking questions that will provide more structure and accountability to your New Years resolutions. So tune in as we reflect on what it means to create a real sense of purpose - whatever purpose means to you; be it in business, through volunteering, or simply being creative, which will enable you to build on the momentum of what you’ve achieved this year and do even better next year.

Join Barbara and Dawn, for their unique monthly show where you’ll be entertained, educated, encouraged, and empowered into creating a holistic lifestyle. Not least because their results-orientated approach ensures you’ll benefit from hearing about practical solutions, tips, tools, techniques and resources to implement, so you too can achieve the life you desire.